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A question I often get asked is, "how can I suggest to my friend/relative/colleagues that they might benefit from counselling?" It seems to be an issue that can leave many of us tongue-tied as people fear their care and good intentions will be interpreted badly. In this blog I thought I'd discuss some of the things I've found helpful to bring up the conversation in a way that's thoughtful and respectful. Obviously, it will depend on the nature of your relationship with the person but hopefully these thoughts can provide a framework to work from. Take some time. It's usually best to avoid having these conversations in the heat of the moment. If there's someone you're concerned about, perhaps

Dog days?

In her poems Sylvia Plath talked about “a dark thing that sleeps in me”. Charles Darwin spent years wondering what evolutionary purpose his “fits”, “flurries” and “head symptoms” served. Winston Churchill referred – perhaps ironically, perhaps somewhat affectionately – to his depression as his “black dog”. Since ancient times, and across all cultures, humans have attempted to understand the causes and research the effective treatment of depression. The ancient Greeks saw it as being linked to an imbalance of ‘black bile’ in the body, whilst in the Indian subcontinent traditional Ayurvedic medicine aims to address the “doshic aggravation” that causes depression. In our 21st century western wo

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