About Green Shoots

Have you ever been walking along and noticed a plant growing, seemingly against all odds?

Maybe it's emerging through a crack in the concrete, poking through a wooden fence or clinging to a cliff face. 

Some might consider it remarkable that it's still alive, but nothing can prevent its inbuilt capacity to grow and flourish. 


Green Shoots Counselling was founded on this premise - that we all have this ability to develop and thrive, regardless of our circumstances.


From time-to-time we need a little help along the way with this. Perhaps depression has fallen on you like a ton of heavy paving slabs, or anxiety feels like a ring of barbed wire that fences you in. Sometimes the simple pressures of everyday life feel like too much and start to affect your mood, self-esteem and enjoyment in life.

This is where counselling may help. 

Counselling is different from any other supportive relationship. In a friendship, for example, you're as concerned with what's going on in your friend's life as you are for your own. Counselling provides time that is exclusively for you, offering a supportive, non-judgemental environment where you can explore what's going on, how it's affecting you and what you might like out of life instead. 

We all have this

ability to develop and thrive, regardless of our circumstances



To make an appointment or inquiry, please get in touch by using the online contact form. Alternatively, you can send me an email at the address below:



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